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A taste of tropics in every can
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Escape to the tropics

Pineapple Mandarin Orange Palm Breeze
Pineapple Mandarin Orange
Reset your watch to island time and kick back with the exotic taste of pineapple & mandarin orange.
One of the "Seven Wonders of Barbados," the pineapple has been used as a symbol of hospitality and celebration for centuries. So next time you host the party, welcome your friends with the light, refreshing taste of Palm Breeze Pineapple Mandarin Orange.
Available in: 6-pack and Variety Pack
Ruby Grapefruit Palm Breeze
Ruby Grapefruit
Unwind with the taste of fresh-picked grapefruit and citrus. It's like a tropical escape for your mouth.
Grapefruit, or Citrus paradisi, was originally called "The Forbidden Fruit" when discovered in the Caribbean (eat your heart out, Adam and Eve). But now you can enjoy its sinfully refreshing taste all day long and into the night. Just send out an invite and pick up Palm Breeze Ruby Grapefruit.
Available in: 6-pack and Variety Pack
Strawberry Pineapple Palm Breeze
Strawberry Pineapple
Sit back and relax with the refreshingly tropical taste of pineapple & juicy red strawberries.
Believed by Ancient Romans to have medicinal powers, strawberries have long been the fruit that makes everything feel a little better. Next time your crew needs to unwind and relax, let the light and refreshing taste of Palm Breeze Strawberry Pineapple cure your summer fever.
Available in: 6-pack and Variety Pack
Key Lime Cherry Palm Breeze
Key Lime Cherry
Pucker up and give paradise a big ol' smooch with the smooth flavors of key lime and cherry.
Once described as "highly superior to the lemon," the key lime brings unique flavors with it everywhere it goes. It's refreshingly sweet with a little kick. Just like you. So get a group together this summer and make some time for island time with Palm Breeze Key Lime Cherry.
Available in: Variety Pack